Carbonylations in flow: case study of two-phase flow

Dr. Agnieszka Ladosz, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd, is speaking at ILMAC 2021 on the topic of «Carbonylations in flow: case study of two-phase flow». Learn more in the recording.




Flow chemistry enables processing at elevated temperatures and pressures in a safe manner, conditions known as novel processing windows. As such, it gives access to transformations otherwise not achievable in industrial setting. Carbonylation reaction is a perfect example where flow benefits shine: toxic CO is contained within the reactor in low quantities, enabling safe operation at elevated temperatures and pressures. 
In our lab, we not only perform carbonylations in a safe manner, we have also demonstrated that use of a mass flow controller and a bi-phasic gas-liquid flow is advantageous over a simpler tube-in-tube setup, enabling higher yields and increased productivity. In this talk I will briefly showcase our results and touch on the mass transfer and fluid dynamic aspects underlying the improved reactor performance.

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