D2 PHASER All-in-One Benchtop X-ray Powder Diffraction

The D2 PHASER is a desktop diffractometer for all X-ray powder diffraction applications in Bragg-Brentano geometry. Equipped with the unique LYNXEYE XE-T detector, the D2 PHASER XE-T Edition plays in a league of its own!

Superior data quality meets unparalleled ease-of-use

The D2 PHASER delivers data quality and collection speed that, up to recently, was thought impossible with a benchtop XRD system.

Due to its compact size, low weight, and ease-of-use design, the system is conveniently mobile, without the need for complicated infrastructure, large, heavy-load work benches, or vendor installation and alignment. A standard power outlet and a few minutes are all that is required to take they system from fully packaged to outstanding results.

D2 PHASER XE-T edition

Equipped with the unique LYNXEYE XE-T detector, the D2 PHASER plays in a league of its own! The energy resolution of <380 eV allows a unique, digital monochromator mode to efficiently remove - unwanted radiation, such as sample fluorescence, - K - beta radiation, and Bremsstrahlung - background scattering, without meaningful losses in detection speed.

XRD for everyone

  • Push button mode for beginners
  • Full flexibility for experts
  • Easy optimization for minimum scan time or maximum scan resolution

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