Enabling "Citizen data science"

Nik Stiefl and Finton Sirockin, both Novartis Pharma AG, are speaking at ILMAC 2021 on the topic of «Enabling "Citizen data science": from buzzword to MedChem reality». Learn more in the recording.




Data is at the core of any scientific research. For a long time, all relevant project data could be handled by an individual researcher with only very little technical needs. Often a printout with manual annotations and some colour markings were enough to make sense of what a drug discovery project needed.
Today, much more cross-discipline data is generated in the course of a drug discovery project. Aggregating, processing and understanding this data is a complex task that needs two major components: enabling tools as well as motivated scientists with the relevant expertise to explore and understand this wealth of data. While many companies do have both, they are often seen as separate entities.
In this presentation, we will introduce what we believe is a first step towards a fully digitally enabled chemistry community at NIBR. We developed a dedicated workflow and product for data aggregation, processing and visualization that fits most projects' requirements, and, yet, is extensible for specific project needs. At the same time, we introduced the concept of project digital leads: a group of chemists and experts that share a common interest in data and data analysis and help drive tool development as well as peer-education. After only two years, the adoption is covering most drug discovery projects and the impact of data usage of current and historic information in our drug discovery projects is outstanding.



Nik Stiefl & Finton Sirockin, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Novartis Pharma AG

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