Making syntheses more efficient

FlexySys combines all your synthesis reactors in a single platform. Your entire workflow is documented end-to-end, right up to integration in your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). The intuitive recipe control ensures the best possible reproducibility in the lab as well as in scale-up.

With SYSTAG's modular and customized automated laboratory reactors you can optimize your processes easier, faster, and make your scale-up safer and more efficient. 

FlexyCUBE - the parallel synthesis workstation, specially designed for screening and optimization of process parameters (2ml - 400ml) allow the chemist to identify correlations faster and to develop more robust processes.

FlexyPAT - the application specific automation solution of batch reactors for reproducible results thanks to fully automated recipe control, essential in any advanced development lab, kilo lab or pilot plant. With its modular design, FlexyPAT enables the automation of double jacket reactors in synthesis, crystallization, distillation or reaction calorimetry.

FlexySys - the modular software platform for your laboratory application.

Integrate all your synthesis reactors and automate your entire workflow on a single platform. Increase your efficiency, safety and reproducibility with the intuitive recipe control of FlexySys. Ensure maximum flexibility during experimentation by combining manual intervention in recipe operation with full documentation. Enjoy end-to-end data management from the selection of existing reactants to the complete data recording of all interventions and the integration of analytical techniques such as particle size measurement or online FTIR for reaction tracking. Last but not least, FlexySys stores everything fully automatically in your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) or your data server (Data warehouse).

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