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Pharma instrument qualification: don’t worry - be compliant!

To support your compliance and traceability needs, Anton Paar offers more than 40 instrument-specific qualification packages as well as qualified installation support. These packages include much more than the standard IQ/OQ and are prepared individually for every instrument and customer.

Anton Paar has numerous solutions for use in quality and production control, in research and development – and even better: Anton Paar qualifies your newly purchased instrument on-site and brings it into your workflow within a short period of time. Our instruments comply with the pharmacopoeia methods stated in US Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.) and other national regulations to ensure easy method validation.

How Anton Paar concretely supports you:

  • The whole installation, qualification and user training procedure is performed by our trained and certified representatives.
  • Your instrument is qualified and ready for use within 1 to 3 days with personalized qualification documents. The SOP is included as a word file to form a basis for your internal SOP.
  • Comprehensive end user training on the instrument is included in the qualification process.
  • Anton Paar’s maintenance, repair and requalification service guarantees the highest measurement and data quality over your instrument’s lifespan and ensures that the instrument is qualified if you need it at another location or if any other changes happen to your instrument.

More than 1000 instruments and instrument combinations have been successfully qualified with our Pharma Qualification Packages. They have subsequently passed numerous audits.

Request a demo documentation and learn more how Anton Paar gives you support to your Pharmaceutical instrument qualification.