AICOS Technologies AG

Short description

Easy process optimization, quality assurance and production optimization: specialized software products and training/consulting services tailored to the needs of the process industry, with the aim of making the use of software tools, as well as the comprehension of the results, as easy as possible.

About us

Our activities cover the following areas:

  • Process and formulation optimization:
    • Design of Experiments (DoE): brand new user-centred expert system STAVEX 6.0 with optimized workflow, for process and formulation optimization
    • Quality by Design (QbD): determination of the Design Space and of the Proven Acceptable Ranges
    • PAT
    • Robust design and Taguchi method, e.g. for analytical methods such as HPLC

  • Data analysis:
    • Visualization and analysis of lab data: validated Excel add-in EasyStat for graphical representations and numerical calculations without effort, in one click, for a routine use in R&D  quality control or production
    • Validation and transfer of analytical methods
    • Analysis of stability studies, batch homogeneity tests
    • Statistical Quality and Process Control (SQC/SPC): sampling plans, control charts, trending

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning:
    • Multivariate data analysis
    • Regression and classification trees as well as neural networks, e.g. for Root Cause Analysis of quality deviations on the basis of historical production data

  • Production logistics:
    • Material flow simulation: software SIMBAX for bottleneck analysis in batch or continuous processes and plants
    • Production scheduling: integrated ERP-compatible solution Schedule++/Manufacturing Workbench for optimizing production schedules in the process industry

  • Training:
    • Large choice of training sessions in applied statistics and logistics (online and in classroom)
    • Courses tailored to the specific needs of companies.