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Anton Paar develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments, measuring systems and provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions. It is the world leader in the measurement of density, concentration & CO2 & in the fields of rheometry and material characterization.

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Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 23, 2021

Solutions from the market leader in density measurement

Count on solutions from the source – Anton Paar has always been at the forefront of innovation in laboratory density and concentration measurement ever since we introduced the world’s first digital density meter. Today we offer a whole series of density meters, covering most requirements.

Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 23, 2021

The whole world of viscometry and rheometry

Anton Paar has been an expert in the fields of viscometry and rheometry since the beginning and offers the right instrument for every need. Now the market leader in rheometry has added entry-level rotational viscometers to its portfolio to complete the range. Let us find the right solution for you!

Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 23, 2021
Service Highlight

Anton Paar Certified Service: benefit from a 3-year warranty

Anton Paar provides service, support, and calibration carried out by experts trained and certified directly at Anton Paar. Benefit from a 3-year warranty on your instrument and qualified support in your local language at one of 86 service points worldwide.

Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 23, 2021
Service Highlight

Pharma instrument qualification: don’t worry - be compliant!

To support your compliance and traceability needs, Anton Paar offers more than 40 instrument-specific qualification packages as well as qualified installation support. These packages include much more than the standard IQ/OQ and are prepared individually for every instrument and customer.

Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 23, 2021
Product Highlight

XRDynamic 500

Anton Paar's new Automated Multipurpose Powder X-Ray Diffractometer is one of our X-ray analysis solutions: Offering an answer for every challenge in academia and industry.

Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 23, 2021
Product Highlight

Multiwave 5000 - microwave digestion system

Superior trace elemental analysis begins with outstanding sample preparation. With over 40 years of experience Anton Paar strives to make microwave digestion easier and more convenient than ever before.

Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 23, 2021
Product Highlight

AP Connect – Anton Paar new laboratory software

AP Connect is a lab software that connects your instruments, communicates measurement information and ensures compliance. Go paperless with AP Connect, streamline your data flow and meet all your data integrity requirements!

Anton Paar Switzerland AG September 16, 2021

New horizons in particle analysis

How much do you know about your particles? With Anton Paar it will be more – thanks to the world’s broadest portfolio of particle characterization instruments from one single provider: 29 instruments to measure more than 20 size and structural parameters of your particles.

Anton Paar Switzerland AG August 31, 2021

How Anton Paar can help you to speed up your workflow

Where precision meets performance! Anton Paar automation solutions optimize automated workflows which address today’s key topics, namely productivity, reproducibility and precision. We are the only provider of both laboratory instruments and automation.

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About us

Premium instruments for measurement and analysis

Progress and innovation, high-precision craft and the passion for research – these define Anton Paar. Our measuring instruments reflect our thoughts and actions: Components produced with the highest precision, innovative measuring principles and well-designed user interfaces represent our understanding of quality. Our products are created in a dialog with our customers and integrate seamlessly into their working environment. They exactly meet customers' requirements and are the solutions for the challenges they face.

Research as the engine for innovation

Innovation is the basis for progress and part of our DNA. It is rooted in the close cooperation with our customers and is created via outstanding work in the field of research and development (R&D). For decades the company has invested around 20 percent of Anton Paar GmbH's turnover in R&D. This team develops new measuring principles, sensor generations and technologies which contribute in the long term to expanding our market leadership and achieving this position in other fields.


Over 3400 employees at the headquarters in Graz, 8 other producing subsidiaries and 33 sales subsidiaries worldwide ensure that Anton Paar products live up to their excellent reputation. The core competence of Anton Paar – high-precision production – and close contact to the scientific community form the basis for the quality of Anton Paar’s instruments. Anton Paar’s strong sales network in more than 110 countries guarantees customers rapid support and answers to their application and service queries.

Anton Paar GmbH is owned by the charitable Santner Foundation.