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We are your global Premium-Courier for GDP-compliant Transport and Logistics. Patient safety and an improved quality of life are focused on us.

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BPL offers shipping solutions for pharmaceuticals goods in temperature ranges from ‐196°C to +30°C throughout the world, whether it has to move via road, sea or airfreight. Through the Pharma Logistics Network, BPL is able to collect shipments anywhere in the world, provide temperature‐controlled packaging solutions or thermo vehicles, to ensure your consignment is delivered without any change to the efficacy of the product. In order to ensure the quality of a medicinal product for the safety, well‐being and protection of the patient, BPL has implemented a GxP‐compliant Quality Assurance System where all transport processes are validated and approved. The Pharma Logistics Network has been established by industry professionals to meet the growing and recognised need for a truly professional Global Association of specialist forwarders, where capability, resources, and infrastructure are in place to meet the most demanding client needs in the Pharmaceutical Industry, with particular emphases on Bio Pharma Cold Chain requirements