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We are one of the leading service provider for qualification of cleanrooms as well as thermal processes and provider of particle counters for cleanroom applications. We serve various industries such as pharmaceutical-, medtech-industry, life science and healthcare.

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About us

Complete Services for Measurements and (Re-)Qualifications of Cleanrooms

Our Services

Metrology & Testing:

›    Air speed and air volume flow, determination of ventilation rate

›    Room pressure differentials

›    Filter integrity tests (DEHS-tests)

›    Classification of clean rooms (according to EN ISO 14644-1, GMP-guideline and VDI 2083)

›    Determination of recovery times (recovery test)

›    Noise levels

›    Illumination levels

›    Microbiological Monitoring


Compressed Air Quality (according to ISO 8573)

›    Compressed air purity classes for particles

›    Compressed air purity classes for humidity and liquid water

›    Compressed air purity classes for total oil (liquid, aerosol and vapour)

›    Gaseous and microbial contaminants


›    Filters (incl. filter replacement)

›    Biological safety cabinets (classes I-III)

›    Isolators

›    Weighing safety cabinets (various manufacturers)

Flow Visualization:

›    Remote-controlled video system, Full-HD

›    Simultaneous recording of several camera signals

›    High quality fog generators (WFI- or SAFEX-based)

›    Editing of raw footage according to customer preference

›    Creation of training videos


Qualification and Temperature-/ Humidity-Mapping:

›      Autoclaves
›      Cooling units (refrigerators)

›      SIP-Processes
›      Freezers
›      Depyrogenation tunnels

›      Ultra-low freezers

›      Dry heat sterilizers

›      N2 storage tanks

›      Freeze dryers

›      Storage rooms
›      Incubators


High-tech from Climet® Instruments

As one of the pioneers in aerosol particle counting, Climet® Instruments has been synonymous with a consistent philosophy of precision since 1967. The particle counter (calibrated in accordance with ISO 21501-4) is the instrument of choice for the CRT test experts.

What could be more logical than a distribution partnership with the American manufacturer for Central Europe. As a service provider for or operators of cleanrooms, you will receive Climet® Instruments at CRT with the advice of the user.

As certified Partner of Climet® Instruments we calibrate your particle counters based on the ISO standard 21501-4. Our calibration experts in our own laboratory have extensive expertise.

We calibrate optical particle counter and take volumetric airflow and flow rate measurements.

CRT provides you with comprehensive service – from purchase through the measurement and maintenance to calibration.