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IGZ Instruments is a competent supplier for the laboratory, science and process. It offers a selected product portfolio from leading manufacturers.

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IGZ Instruments AG September 3, 2021

Radleys Mya 4 reaction station with limitless possibilities

The compact 4 zone reaction system Mya 4 from Radleys, offers almost unlimited possibilities; 4 independent zones, with magnetic stirrer and overhead stirrer and a temperature range from -30 °C to 180 °C.

IGZ Instruments AG September 3, 2021

Making your daily laboratory routine easier

Everything from a single source - We offer everything to make your daily laboratory routine easier. The assortment ranges from osmometers, balances, density meters, refractometers, calorimeters, viscosity meters, tensiometers, spectrometers, ultrasonic baths to laboratory pumps and much more.

IGZ Instruments AG September 3, 2021

Our highlights from the sectors Food Science & Life Science

Our product range extends from sterile disposables to colony counters and highly specific bio-reagents. We distribute products from the following manufacturers: Charm, Baker Ruskinn, Binder, FUJIFILM WAKO, Interscience, IUL, JRI, Labrobot, MMM Medcenter, LAUDA, Sterilin among others.

IGZ Instruments AG September 3, 2021

Osmometers for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector

Advanced Instruments osmometers offer unmatched quality and reliability. All TECH-line products are compliant with EU/US/CN/JP Pharmacopeia, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 and therefore designed for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector.

IGZ Instruments AG September 3, 2021

Refrigeration / Heating

For the area of refrigeration/heating, you will find an extensive range of thermostats, climate chambers, freezers, material test chambers, temperature monitoring devices and freezing containers, and much more. We will be happy to advise you on which device will fully meet your requirements.

IGZ Instruments AG September 3, 2021

Synthesis / Chromatography

From synthesis to purification, you will find a wide range of equipment that will enable you to run your laboratory even more efficiently. Laboratory reactor systems or parallel synthesis instruments with 4 independent reaction zones. Fast, automated preparative HPLC systems and also SFC systems.

IGZ Instruments AG July 22, 2021

Innovations in temperature monitoring from JRI

JRI revolutionizes temperature monitoring with NanoSpy, LoRa SPY, and the Verigo temperature monitoring system! In this article, you will find out how these three devices make your everyday work easier.

IGZ Instruments AG July 22, 2021

CombiFlash NextGen 300+: Faster & greener

The CombiFlash® NextGen line of systems has been designed to be greener. The NextGen has improved gradient profiles which use less solvent. Another step forward in reducing your lab’s carbon footprint.

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About us

IGZ Instruments AG was founded in 1965 under the name IG Instrumenten-Gesellschaft AG. Even back then, the aim was to distinguish itself in the Swiss laboratory market as a reputable representative and service provider of various well-known manufacturing companies. Since then, IGZ Instruments AG, which shortened its original company name in 2014 and gave the logo a makeover, has established itself as a competent supplier for the laboratory, science and process.

The product range has evolved over the past 55 years. However, one thing has remained the same in the more than 50 years, the customers and their satisfaction, are in the foreground in all our activities. True to the motto "smart solutions and service", we offer products and complete solutions, always guaranteeing after-sales service. Our after-sales service technicians are available in a nationwide service network for rapid problem solving at the customer's site.