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Quality - crystal clear! We develop, produce and distribute innovative vials made from tubular glass for chromatography, pharmacy and industry. Our comprehensive range of vials, sample bottles & closures is complemented by HPLC accessory, products from the clean room and a personal customer service.

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infochroma ag March 2, 2022
Product Highlight

Sit healthy with the Salli Saddle Chair

We all know the feeling. After a long day sitting on a classic office chair our back, shoulders and neck hurt. The ergonomically formed Salli Saddle Chair steers the body into a natural health improving sitting posture and increases our wellbeing and productivity at the workplace.

infochroma ag January 21, 2022
Product Highlight

Vials with tamper-evident closure (GL 18) and optimised microsampling feature.

The latest product development from GTG unites properties which so far could not be united: Tamper-evident closure and optimised microsampling, made from tubular glass.

infochroma ag October 11, 2021
Product Highlight

Combine the advantages of UHPLC and HPLC: HALO® Fused-Core

The packing material of the HALO® column is based on fused core technology. The particles are a combination of a solid silica core surrounded by a porous layer. This enables a separation performance like in UHPLC but without its back pressure. Another advantage is the high peak capacity.

infochroma ag October 11, 2021

Development and production of Vials made of tubular glass

Together with our partner company Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH, we are your competent partner for custom-made products from tubular glass. Trained glassblowers and mechanical engineers as well as extensive experience enable us to develop and produce a finished product together with you from an idea.

infochroma ag September 6, 2021

How to optimise column volume for best possible results

The best column performance is achieved when extra column volume is kept as low as possible. This is especially true when using short high efficiency columns. Learn how you avoid unwanted peak broadening and optimise resolution.

infochroma ag August 23, 2021
Product Highlight

Trouble free workflow with high quality Storage Vials

Avoid additional working hours in the laboratory by using our premium quality Storage Vials with their intelligent packaging. infochroma Storage Vials are available in clear- or amber glass, dozens of dimensions, closures with our without centre hole in 6 colours and of consistent high quality.

infochroma ag August 2, 2021

New efficiency in environmental analysis

HALO® Enviroclass columns were especially developed for the separation of PAH and PFAS compounds. The columns feature excellent selectivity and base line separation, high reproducibility and efficient separation at low back pressure.

infochroma ag July 26, 2021

Freezing samples in glass vials

Freezing samples in glass. Which materials are particularly suitable? How can you ensure that neither the sample nor the vial are damaged? We provide you with some valuable tips and information so that the freezing of samples in glass vessels is successful.

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About us

infochroma ag is a family owned SME producing and offering consumables for chemistry, pharmacy and industry.  We have been a reliable partner in this field for over 50 years.  Our trade mark is a most comprehensive range of glass vials, sample bottles and accessory paired with excellent quality.  Together with our Thuringian partner company Glastechnik Gräfenroda GmbH (GTG) we have developed innovative products in this segment.

Together with our partner GTG we are also a competent partner for custom-made products made from tubular glass. Qualified glassblowers and machine engineers combined with much experience and know how allow us to develop together with you a product from your idea to the finished product.
Since 2015 we have an in-house clean room for sterilising and deperogenising products to customer specifications.
Besides excellent product quality, we focus on a  good and personal customer support as well as fast and reliable shipment.