Short description

ISOVATION is one of the best specialists in isothermal solutions and the cold chain. ISOVATION develops high-performance systems for the cold chain in partnership with the largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital, food, transport and logistics groups.

Standards, Products

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • P All Products Logistics

About us

ISOVATION manufactures and assembles its products with the most suitable materials to combine thermal performance, mechanical resistance, flat delivery and respect for the environment.

Our Research & Development department strives to find new materials and new processing and manufacturing techniques and using innovative materials.

Materials can be innovative through their technicality, their performance, but also the respect for the environment. For the coming year, we are focusing our research on “cleaner” materials: from recyclable to bio-based material, to compostable.

Here is the goal for 2021: to offer you a range of themal packaging that is part of a circular economy approach.