Lamprecht Pharma Logistics AG

Short description

Lamprecht Pharma Logistics located in Pratteln/Switzerland is a forwarding company specialized in the Pharma Logistics. Dispatch by Air-/Seafreight or by Road, as well as Warehousing & Storage, Pick&Pack. We hold a Certification GMP & GDP issued by Swissmedic.

Standards, Products

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S GMP
  • S
  • P All Products Quality Assurance
  • P Consultation
  • P Miscellaneous
  • P All Products Logistics
  • P Training and education
  • P Other education and training

About us

Lamprecht Pharma Logistics AG was established in 2007 as an independent subsidiary of the family owned Lamprecht Transport AG.

Main business of Lamprecht Pharma Logistics is the worldwide shipping of medicinal products and API’s, the storage and (secondary) packaging (including exchange of folding boxes and leaflets), labelling and the pick & pack and distribution of finished medicinal products to pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and doctor’s offices.

LPL holds a manufacturing/operating licence issued by Swissmedic, a GMP and GDP certification issued by Swissmedic.


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