Readily3D SA

Short description

READILY3D helps biologists push the frontiers of biofabrication by providing rapid easy-to-use volumetric 3D printers.

About us

We developed a rapid tomographic bioprinter to help life scientists push the frontiers of biofabrication.

We developed Tomolite and Apparite to make research in biosciences quicker and more efficient. Founded in 2020, Readily3D originates from a research work started in 2017 at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Existing bioprinting technologies are slow, which tends to reduce cell viability. They also have a poor ability to produce complex anatomical structures, such as vasculatures. To overcome these limitations, we created Tomolite: a unique bioprinter, allowing biologists to print an entire cell-laden volume at once, in less than a minute and without impairing cell viability.

Currently, our team collaborates with biologists to explore innovative applications of tomographic 3D printing in biosciences. Since 2019, pilot tests of Tomolite and Apparite have begun in European life sciences laboratories. We are continuously looking for more users to further explore the potential of our technology.