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cleanroom online is the leading information platform in the D/A/CH area on the subject of "cleanrooms": Internet, newsletter and yearbook.

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Scientific reports, stories, articles and events

In a quickly developing sector current information is especially important. On the one hand reinraum online offers interested persons the possibility to inform themselves comprehensively about current topics in the cleanroom branch. On the other hand companies and interested persons can use the platform to publish scientific reports, stories, articles and company news.

An event calendar complements the information offered.

The ExpertPool helps with the advanced search: WHO is doing WHAT in cleanrooms.

INTERNET: Current information is published daily/promptly on the internet on

NEWSLETTER: At the beginning of the month an interesting selection of the articles of last month is mailed as Newsletter to all subscribers.

YEARBOOK: In January all selected articles of the last year are summarized in the cleanroom yearbook.