Schmechel Transport GmbH

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Pharmaceutical logistics: Secure & Cool. We have many years of experience in the field of European land transport and in the warehousing of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. We look forward to your contact and to a lively exchange.

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About us

As a family company in the third generation, we have been a reliable and long-term partner for our customers and employees since 1938. Above all, our customers appreciate the enormous flexibility, short decision-making paths, the commitment of the employees and the many years of expertise.

The focus of our competence today lies in the Europe-wide procurement, distribution and warehouse logistics of sensitive products from the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and security sectors.

Together with our 256 employees, we offer the flexibility of a family business, the competence of an internationally experienced logistician and the claim to offer a tailor-made solution for every requirement. It is important to us to put this in an ecologically and economically sensible context.

All of our actions have a clear goal: to expand the existing business, create jobs and consolidate the income of the shareholders and secure them for the next generation.

We are always aware of our social and ecological responsibility.