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We specialise in a wide range of technologies, products and services for water and wastewater treatment, resource recovery and energy generation.

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About us

Veolia Water Technologies advises and assists the pharmaceutical industry on compliant purified water, water for injection, clean steam and wastewater systems for pharmaceutical and Life Science applications. Our expertise helps reduce your production costs while protecting your installations. We treat all kinds of wastewater and provide compendial waters compliant with pharmacopoeias requirements. 

All Veolia Water Technology solutions for compendial water production are designed in accordance with GAMP, cGMP, ISPE and FDA guidelines. What’s more, they will meet the product quality specifications of all the world's major pharmacopeia - including the USP and Ph Eur - giving you peace of mind and compliance assurance, wherever your facility is. Our portfolio of proven technologies for pharmaceutical and personal care products (PCPs) also includes wastewater solutions.

How Veolia is committed to helping its pharmaceutical and Life Science clients? 

We have extensive experience in product development, project management and service offerings for water for pharmaceutical purposes. 
By listening to our customers, we have developed a range of utility water, compendial water (including purified water, water for injection and clean steam) and wastewater treatment solutions for pharmaceutical and Life Science purposes. These are critical for compliance with regulations and environmental targets, and to improve your manufacturing efficiency

- Production of purified water.
- Water for injection (WFI).
- Clean steam and management of wastewater.
- Development of water reuse and resource recovery.

Veolia Water Technologies has a global network of pharmaceutical service personnel offering emergency, preventative and predictive maintenance programs. Predictive maintenance programs align with the pharmaceutical industry's move to industry 4.0. With Hubgrade allowing Veolia specialists to monitor and advise on how best to manage the plant under evolving conditions; ensuring uptime, compliance and efficiency. 

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