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Artificial intelligence and digitisation in chemical research

Research takes a lot of time. How can AI and digitisation help obtain results more quickly or, to take a topical issue, find a new vaccine within a short period of time, for example? Large amounts of data have to be evaluated and summarised. How can digitisation make chemical research more effective and efficient?

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AKos Cheminformatics

28. September 2021

ChemRPS (Chemical Registration & Publishing System) Story

ChemRPS (Chemical Registration & Publishing System)

ChemRPS is a system to load and search SDFiles by structure on your own website or computer. It is designed to offer companies a search system for their chemical structures without needing the knowledge to build and deploy the system on the Internet.


Hochschule für Life Sciences FHNW

22. September 2021

Research within Chemistry and Bioanalytics Story

Research within Chemistry and Bioanalytics

At the FHNW School of Life Sciences (HLS) the fields of research within chemistry and bioanalytics are interdisciplinary and are found at the interface between chemistry, biology, medicine and pharmacy.


SYSTAG, System Technik AG

21. September 2021

Making syntheses more efficient Story

Making syntheses more efficient

FlexySys combines all your synthesis reactors in a single platform. Your entire workflow is documented end-to-end, right up to integration in your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). The intuitive recipe control ensures the best possible reproducibility in the lab as well as in scale-up.


Axel Semrau Gmbh & Co. KG

10. September 2021



Integration of accurate dosing and weighing technology into automated sample preparation - simplifies powder dosing and handling of samples. Make your research easier.


CSafe Global

2. September 2021

CSafe Virtual Product Tour Story

CSafe Virtual Product Tour

Get an inside look at the full suite of CSafe Air Cargo active containers, passive Parcel shippers and containers and Cell and Gene Therapy solutions.


Axel Semrau Gmbh & Co. KG

23. August 2021

Determine MOSH/MOAH efficiently Story

Determine MOSH/MOAH efficiently

Undesirable mineral oil residues, MOSH and MOAH, are found in numerous foods or food contact materials. The complexity of the analytes and the ubiquitous occurrence of hydrocarbons complicate the analysis and require special analytical systems and sample preparation.


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